Regal Promotions Providing Valuable Experience for Young People in London

Posted on: 10 Feb 2015
Category: Corporate Events

Regal Promotions London (a Regal Events and Media Ltd Company) is built on a strong ideology of service, entrepreneurship and social awareness. Our ethos is that irresponsible capitalism has not been beneficial to society or the macro-economy and whilst the wider economy has proven difficult for small businesses to grow, Regal Promotions has adopted an approach which aims to give young people opportunities as promotional staff; hostesses; models; hospitality staff; waiters and waitresses; front of house staff; tequila girls, and; experiential marketing staff. These positions are often available on short notice and pay well for the 16-24 age group.


In recent times, some­ have unfairly blamed businesses for talking advantage of young people with so called ‘zero-hour contracts’. Whilst some businesses and individuals are certainly guilty of this, many are left with no choice in this increasingly competitive and risky marketplace. For some businesses, it is the difference between operating and closing down. However, for a business such as Regal Promotions who provide promotional staff, hostesses, models, hospitality staff, waiters and waitresses, this kind of contract can provide experience in soft skills such as communication, social, interpersonal and confidence whilst they prepare for (which may mean studying or working in other part-time roles) their next career move.


 A zero-hour contract provides a flexible contract where both parties (employer and employee), have a right of refusal for work offered, which in some instances may be at short notice. In the UK, we have seen an increase in the number of zero-hour contracts of up to 1.4 million, most of which are held by young people aged between 16-24 and people over the age of 65. Meanwhile the rise in the number of such contracts has been shown by many top economists to coincide with the economic instability post recession, and the general rise in the cost of doing business in the UK. Salaries / wages are an indicator of economic market conditions (such as supply and demand) in the same way that house prices are, and whilst zero hour contracts have come under scrutiny in many sectors, in some (such as promotional staff and event hostesses), they have provided opportunities for both employers and employees.



On the 21st January 2015 the House of Commons released a paper stating the youth unemployment rate in the UK is down by 171,000; a fall of 14% in just one year. Additionally, the number of long term unemployed young people (young people aged 16-24 unemployed for up to 12 months) has fallen by 53,000 in the last 12 months. These are positive numbers which reflect an increasing willingness to work and increased activity levels in the micro economy.



Furthermore, the ongoing move towards a service based economy has meant that modern businesses need more staff with those soft skills outlined above; meaning that working as promotional staff, hostesses, models, hospitality staff, waiters and waitresses, front of house staff, tequila girls and experiential marketing staff can assist with future careers in the service sector.



Mr Francis Onochie, the Founder and Managing Director of Regal Promotions spoke passionately about the provision of jobs for young people. He commented that:


“At Regal Promotions, we pay our promo staff and event hostesses a very competitive rate, starting from £10 per hour. Our employees gain tangible and valuable experiences which can help them develop their skills and earn an income whilst remaining flexible and able to pursue other interests or work. Sir Richard Branson once famously quoted ‘train people well enough so that they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to’ and that is precisely what we aim to achieve at Regal Promotions.”


As a promotional and hospitality staffing agency, Regal Promotions work with some of the world’s largest brands and manage events for very high profile clients. Francis also mentioned that:



“I feel that the market has turned a corner; marketing spend is rising and our clients are having larger events which is great news for Regal Promotions and everyone involved with the business.”





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Editors Notes:

Regal Promotions London is a promotional agency that provides events/hospitality staff, waiters, waitresses, front of house staff, tequila girls and promotional models for business and private functions in London, the UK, Europe and internationally.

With unrivalled experience in the events industries, Regal Promotions London can provide you with event hostesses and models; hospitality staffing and operational support; experiential marketing and brand promotions and campaign staff; event planning and management; live music and entertainment acts, and; live video coverage and production.