REGAL AGENCY Acquires REGAL RICH Ahead of International Expansion

Posted on: 13 Jun 2015
Category: Corporate Events

Ahead of its speedy global expansion set for July 2015; REGAL AGENCY, the International Event Casting, Staffing and Promotional Modelling Agency has signed an agreement to acquire REGAL RICH. REGAL RICH is an International luxury and lifestyle brand that celebrates the luxury lifestyle and culture of successful and progressive people around the world. It aims to build up its user base by delivering quality and objective content covering successful people, high profile VIP events, classic fashion, luxury essentials and other content relevant to haute lifestyle and living.

Ahead of the acquisition, Francis Onochie, the CEO and Founder of REGAL AGENCY mentioned that REGAL RICH provided many synergies to help deliver an extra channel for our valued client base. He also mentioned that it would allow us to build stronger and more mutually beneficial relationships with agencies and discerning clients around the world.

Here at REGAL Events and Media we like to position ourselves ahead of the curve and the acquisition of REGAL RICH enable us to move into content creation and distribution and luxury events and travel. We will deliver quality video content and launch high profile events to deliver priceless experiences for our clients around the world in collaboration with our partners.

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