When it comes to delivering brand promotions, REGAL AGENCY in Paris is the number one choice. With our highly experienced promo staff in Paris and the rest of France as well as Monaco, we believe in delivering high-quality service beyond our clients’ expectations. Our promotional staff agency in Paris, Cannes and Monaco is highly experienced, and our staff is given extensive and high-quality training to ensure they are shaped to be the best brand-centric promoters. We at REGAL AGENCY are the best option to consider when you are launching a brand new product line or exhibiting a tradeshow. If you are looking forward to making sure, your brand remains at the forefront of the market, we at REGAL AGENCY are just a call away.

Our solutions have always created an impact to our customers helping them stay in front of the competition. We also have an in-house team of creative promo staff and models making it easy to deliver highly effective experiential marketing in Monaco, Paris, and Cannes. We will help you take advantage of Expo 4 Art trade fair, Aiguille en Fete Version Pro or any other trade show in Paris, Monaco or Cannes.

REGAL AGENCY offers the best Promotional staff and Promotional Models in Paris, Monaco and Cannes. At REGAL AGENCY Paris, we, first of all, make sure that we understand your overall objective before coming up with an experiential marketing and promotional campaign plan. Unlike other promo staff agencies in Paris, we implement both online and offline strategies.

Our promotional staff agency in Paris is very welcoming and ready to launch your brand in Paris, Monaco, Cannes and anywhere in France. We also support our clients on both domestic and international Road Shows, Branding Campaigns and Social Activities.

You can comfortably rely on the promo staff and the promotional models at REGAL AGENCY Paris to deliver. Our confident promotional staff agency, models, and hostesses only help to advance your target. We also have staff speaking a wide variety of international languages which makes it easier to communicate to a wider audience.

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