Based in Paris, REGAL AGENCY offers you the opportunity to book Professional, elegant and well presented Waiting staff for weddings, private parties and corporate events anywhere in the country. We also provide bar staff in Paris, Monaco, and Cannes. Our team of expertly trained waiters and waitresses will be there to make sure that your guests are impressed by the service rendered.

Our waiting staff are professionally trained and experienced thus making your event in Paris, Cannes or Monaco a success. Whether you are looking for silver service or an informal waiting service we guarantt the same cordial reception. Through the years of providing waiting staff for corporate events, weddings and private parties we have managed to secure the trust of our clients which has led to continuous rebooks by and repeat business.

REGAL AGENCY also offers temporary and seasonal waiting staff for premium and 4 star hotels in Paris and Monaco and we work extensively with various bars, restaurants and high end nightclubs delivering bottle service and taking care of VIP clients the only way we know how to here at REGAL.

We have simplified the booking process for our clients so reach out to us today for a no obligation quotation and we can the finest waiting staff at your event within 24 hours if necessary at no extra cost.

Who says quality needs to come at a premium?

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